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Moonbeans Coffee now available in Victoria

You can now buy Moonbeans Coffee at Peppers Foods in Victoria

We're thrilled to announce that Pepper's Foods in Victoria will now be stocking their shelves with a variety of Moonbeans Coffee. Pepper's Foods is a strong supporter of Local Products and we're so pleased that their customers will now be able to purchase our Freshly Roasted Beans!!

Pepper's is a 100% locally owned Market near the University of Victoria and is a Gold Medal Winner for "Best" Grocery Store in BC and in Canada two years in a row!!

Big Thank You out to Don Way, Pepper's Manager, for placing our first Victoria order of 50 Pounds of the finest Beans on the West Coast!!

Dana, our Gal on the Go, is busy meeting with many more potential customers in the Greater VIctoria area and will keep us posted on many more Markets and Stores where you will soon be able to purchase your Moonbeans Coffee!

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