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Brew the best cup of coffee

The fundamental principles are:






Grind your coffee just before brewing.

Roasted coffee is very delicate and perishable. Coffee has many more flavor compounds than wine, but those compounds deteriorate quickly when exposed to oxygen. Grinding your coffee just before you brew it keeps those compounds intact, and it's the number one thing you can do to improve your coffee at home.


Use the right proportion of coffee to water.

A major error people make is not using enough coffee. We recommend 2 tbsp. per cup.


Use quality water.

You're going to get better results from high quality water. We recommend using filtered or spring water. Since 95% of coffee is water, using the purest water will create the truest coffee flavour, and prevent bitter aftertaste.


Store your coffee properly.

Beans which you aren't using immediately should be kept in an airtight container and away from sunlight.


Focus on brewing technique.

It's beyond the scope of this guide to go through step-by-step instructions for every brewing method. The fact that brewing great coffee is about precision and consistency. Each brewing method has its own particular techniques, but by doing the same thing over and over you fix your mistakes and improve incrementally.

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