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Our beginning started 25 years ago

Moonbeans Coffee Roaster is the dreamchild of Brenda Chapeskie, our Roastmaster and one of the very few female coffee roasters in the world. Our core values remain the same today as the day Moonbeans was founded in 1993 and that is to be socially minded, respectful of our environment, our resources and our community. We consistently strive to be a responsible and ethical company and have always maintained the highest quality standards in our sourcing and purchasing of Organic and Fair Trade coffee beans.

We roast our coffee beans in small batches, hand package them and ship or personally deliver only the freshest and finest to our customers. We have amazing single bean roasts and take great pride in creating rich and complex blends with hints of smokiness, chocolate, caramel and wine. 

Brenda Chapeskie - Roaster Extraordinaire

Brenda with one of her helpful companions Ike.
As a child, my mother cleaned offices and often took me with her…she would sit me behind the desks and say “You dream, I’ll clean… so in essence it all started with a dream and a desire to create.
Brenda Chapeskie – Dreamer and Coffee Roaster Extraordinaire

After running a successful business in the auto industry for many years in Vancouver, British Columbia, I was eager for a new adventure.  During a trip to Seattle, Washington, I was intrigued by the many coffee carts located throughout the city.  Why not in Vancouver, I thought… so in 1994 I began building my first cart.  Obviously a name for this new venture was required; again another dream and this one came with a vision of a cherub on a quarter moon sharing coffee beans with everyone…Moonbeans was created!

When bylaws in Vancouver determined that coffee carts weren’t allowed, my dream was far from shattered.  I shifted my energy toward a café that would not only house my roasting dream but would also provide a warm and comfortable environment where many people could enjoy freshly roasted coffee, pastries and light luncheon selections.  Throughout this time I worked with a Master Roaster from Europe to hone my roasting skills as well as my ability to perfect delicious blends of beans brought in from various locations in the world.


The demand for Moonbeans Coffee blends became so popular that I made the decision to focus solely on my dream job – Coffee Roaster, one of the few female coffee roasters in the world.  I was thrilled to be creating something that I loved and in 2003 I made the decision to build my Roasting House on Pender Island, British Columbia in the heart of the Coastal Temperate Rainforest. As a Coffee Roaster, I am dedicated to roasting coffee in a clean and natural environment, not near pollution and factories.  I am also a firm believer in giving Pender Island and our coastal shores something to be proud of.  An everlasting product that is roasted locally and shared with many.

Moonbeans Coffee Roasters thrives on creating coffee blends suited to your tastes as well as the tastes of your customers.  We’ll work with you to create the perfect blend!

… it all started with a dream.

A name for this new venture was required; another dream and this one came with a vision of an angel on a quarter moon sharing coffee beans … Moonbeans was created!
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