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Our coffee roasting philosophy is simple.

We roast the finest estate beans to perfection.
We buy the best - nothing less.


Here are the varieties we currently roast and sell. We are sure there is one that will suit your coffee taste. Try them all ... you might find more than one you love.

Just to let you know ... we are happy to mail directly to you if that is more convenient. Call or drop us a line to discuss the details.
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Moonbeans Coffee Soaring Sumatra

Jumping Java

$16 1lb/454g
Dark Roast
Java Bean


A rich bold bean from the Indonesian island of Java roasted dark resulting in an aromatic full bodied cup with intense flavour and deep colour.



Pender Island Blend

$16 1lb/454g
Medium Roast
House Blend


A blend of the finest Arabica beans roasted in nature imparting a medium body with a sweet aroma and smooth finish in each cup.



Soaring Sumatra

$16 1lb/454g
Dark Roast
Sumatra Bean


Captures the earthy essence of the Indonesian island of Sumatra.  Deep and complex yet smooth and silky with a full body and rich lingering finish.  



Evergreen Espresso

$16 1lb/454g
Dark Roast
House Blend


Both a coffee beverage and a brewing method!  The ultimate Roastmaster’s blend of the perfect beans resulting in a deep rich caramel colour and an earthy full bodied flavour.

Moonbeans Coffee Evergreen Espresso
Moonbeans Coffee Jumping Java
Moonbeans Coffee Pender Island Blend
Moonbeans Coffee Coastal Colombian
Moonbeans Coffee Beachcomber Brazilian
Moonbeans Coffee Dreamy Decaf
Moonbeans Coffee Pierre's Blend

Beachcomber Brazilian

$16 1lb/454g
Lighter Roast
Brazilian Bean


Lighter in body and gentle in acidity, this bean offers a well rounded coffee with hints of nutty flavours and a light caramel aroma making it perfect if you prefer your coffee black and unsweetened.



Coastal Colombian

$16 1lb/454g
Medium Dark Roast
Coloumbian Bean


One of the most recognized coffees in the world, this choice bean offers a rich, nutty chocolate aroma with a light to medium body and a pleasingly mild flavour.



Dreamy Decaf

$17 1lb/454g
Medium Roast
Swiss Water Decaffeinated
Colombian Bean


A Premium Colombian coffee that is decaffeinated using the 100% chemical free Swiss Water process to virtually eliminate the caffeine without sacrificing this bean’s natural taste and characteristics.



Pierre's Blend

$16 1lb/454g
Dark Roast
House Blend


A Symphony of the finest beans roasted exclusively for Pierre!  Simply a stunning blend with a rich, velvety body and a smooth, satisfying finale.

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