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Moonbeans Coffee - Our Coffee

Where to Buy

Our Coffee

Filling our bags with our freshly roasted beans - ready for the grocery shelf.

Where to buy Moonbeans Coffee

Here are a few of the fine establishments that currently carry or serve our delicious varieties.
We are happy to mail directly to you if that is more convenient. Call or drop us a line to discuss the details.
Call 1.866.442.3267 | Email »


  • Country Grocer (Royal Oak)

  • Mount Douglas Market

  • Pepper's Market (Cadboro Bay Rd)

  • Red Barn Market (West Saanich Rd &Matticks's Farm)

  • Market on Millstream (2401 Millstream Rd)

Other terrific locations

  • Tru Value Foods (Pender Is & Mayne Is)

  • The Pender Store (Pender Is)

  • The Corner Store (Galiano Is)

  • Country Grocer (Salt Spring Is)

  • Salt Spring Inn (Salt Spring Is)

Wholesale Orders

Would you like to serve our coffee to your customers? Are you a restaurant, hotel, specialty market or office? Drop us a line or give us a call - we would love to help you keep your customers coming back for more.
Driftwood Village Resort on beautiful Galiano Island is now serving Jumping Java to their guests in their rooms. This is the custom label we designed for them.
Could this work for you too? Let us know.
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